New Pin for the Centennial: Womans Auxiliary P.P.I.E.

This bWomans_Auxiliary_PPIE_Pineautiful pin commemorates the outstanding efforts of this World’s Fair hostess organization. Phoebe Apperson Hearst organized the women of California into county boards. Shares of stock were purchased by local county chairwomen and individual pins like this one were purchased by California women eager to promote and support the fair.

The original pin was crafted by Shreve & Co., San Francisco, and sold for $1.00 in 1915. Inflation would price that same pin at $23.27. Owning an original Womens Auxiliary Board pin — priceless. Now you can celebrate the fair and wear this reproduction pin proudly for only $10.00 USD including postage and handling. Order an extra pin for your mother!

Learn more about this wonderful event by contacting the California Historical Society, the Mechanics’ Institute, or your local historical society. Brew a cup of Jewel City Blend Coffee (available also on eBay), take a stroll through the Marina district of San Francisco, and virtually relive the experience.


This beautiful pin is available for purchase from Ebay. The price is just $10.00 per pin. Sales tax, handling, and postage included. Product details are on the eBay site.

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